Wattle Grove Speckle Park Twilight Sale

Saturday 22 February

Inspect from 3pm. Auction 6pm.
The Moathouse, Toowoomba Showgrounds, Glenvale Road Toowoomba.


Welcome to Wattle Grove and a new year. We are so excited to have you join us for The Twilight Sale, Toowoomba QLD. Last held in 2018 as a female sale, The Twilight Sale is a Speckle Park event like no other. With food, drinks and a live band it promises to be a fantastic night. Come and catch up with mates, celebrate the recent rain (hopefully you were under a shower or two) and purchase some great cattle and genetics.

Despite the challenges of the last two years we are incredibly proud of the line up we are offering in this sale with more than one renowned cattle man saying that this draft of bulls is the best we have offered in our 12 years of breeding. With having to containment feed these young sires and females from weaning we have had ample time to inspect and work with them. We have been particularly hard on our selections, the result being that every bull and female in this sale is worthy and will make a great addition to your breeding program whether purebred or commercial.

All bulls have been performance recorded, blooded, Vibriosis vaccinated, have Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation including crush-side semen tests from the great team at Rosewood Veterinary Service, have been temperament checked by our highly experienced Wattle Grove team and are ready for work.

The female line up is very exciting with joined females and younger heifers ready to join. Particularly exciting are the last two WGS E2 daughters ever to be offered. Wattle Grove’s matriarch, a half-sister to the breed leading dam Codiak Unique GNK 8R is sadly no longer with us. Her daughters will continue her legacy of incredible structural correctness, length and depth. Combined with Putnam and Banjo they offer an amazing opportunity to invest in breed leading genetics.

All females have been vet checked including internal palpation. Joined females were pregnancy scanned 29th January 2020. Blooding is offered for all females at our expense after the sale. Feed costs will apply and Insurance is compulsory. Heifers will be blooded at Allora, QLD. Give us a call if you have any questions on blooding.

EBV’s are included in this catalogue. Raw data and weights will be provided in a supplementary sheet on sale day. Videos will be posted online and all animals are available for inspection from 3pm sale day. Please call us with any questions you have on pedigree, performance history and the best fit for your program.

Never has there been a better time to invest in Wattle Grove Speckle Park. Our cattle and genetics are cementing their position in the industry as the moderate framed, easy doing, highly efficient cattle that are being demanded by producers, feed-lotters and consumers. Add to that the fantastic rebates (see details on page 3) we are offering and you will be glad you purchased cattle from Wattle Grove Speckle Park.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Moathouse at Toowoomba Showgrounds on the 22nd February for Great Cattle, Great People, and Good Times.

Best Wishes
Dale and Bin


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 Video Catalogue

A better way to do beef business

When you buy cattle from Wattle Grove Speckle Park you are gaining the benefit of 12 years research and genetic development. You also become part of the Wattle Grove family and have access to our unsurpassed knowledge.

Knowledge like that doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come cheap but like anything it is better shared. We are generous with our knowledge, knowing that for Speckle Park to be truly successful in the worldwide beef cattle industry we must all succeed in breeding better, more consistent and efficient cattle. To take it even further… to compete with the other proteins in our industry we must work together to improve and make consistent, our end users experience. Branded beef is just a step in that direction and we believe Speckle Park beef is the eating experience customers have been looking for. That’s why we are proud members of SPKL, the company taking branded Speckle Park Beef to the world.

Wattle Grove Speckle Park Beef
  • Family-first and foremost we are a family and we invite our buyers to become part of the Wattle Grove family.

  • Trust-We trust ourselves, each other, our cattle and our clients.

  • Longevity-We invested early in the breed and we continue to grow.

  • Creativity-In all things from breeding, showing, selling and promotion.

  • Stability-Strong foundations make for great herds.
  • Loyalty-Loyal to each other, to our breed and to our clients.

  • Fun-Love what you do and have a good time doing it.

  • Proven-Our cattle, genetics and program have led the way for others.

  • Relationships-We nurture our relationships with clients, business partners and team.

  • Gratitude-We are grateful for this awesome breed, for the opportunities it offers. For the people we have met and the clients that are now friends. For the Great Cattle, Great People and Good Times.


Saturday 22 Feburary

  • 3.00pm (AEST) Inspections. Food, drinks and Luke Dickson providing live music.
  • 6.00pm (AEST) Auction
  • 7.30pm Stick around for food, a drink and a dance
  • 10.00pm Last drinks

Please note the time difference between QLD (AEST) and other states. As a guide the Auction will begin:
QLD: 6.00pm
SA: 6.30pm
WA: 4.00pm
NT: 5.30pm
New Zealand: 9.00pm

Sunday 23 Februrary

  • 9.00am -11.00am Pick up of cattle from Toowoomba Showground.
    • Feed costs will apply on any cattle still at Allora from 1st March.
    • Any cattle remaining after 11am will go to 123 Warfields Rd, Allora. Pick up and delivery by arrangement.


The Moathouse, Toowoomba Showground
Glenvale Road
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Entry via Gate 2


There are numerous motels and caravan parks in Toowoomba. Toowoomba Visitors Information Centre: 1800 331 155
Camping is available at Toowoomba Showgrounds. Please call 07 4634 7400 or visit http://www.toowoombashow.com.au/camping/ for more information.


Wattle Grove Speckle Park Video Sale

All sale lots will be available for inspection on the day. The sale will then be conducted indoors with video footage of each lot shown on the big screen. Elite Livestock will have recorded video footage and be streaming live audio and footage. Lots will be auctioned in lot order.

Agents GTSM-Glasser Total Sales Management

Michael Glasser: 0403 526 702

Email: gtsmoffice@gmail.com

To Register prior to the sale visit http://gtsm.net.au/buyers-registration-form

Online Bidding – Elite Livestock

Can’t make the sale? Online bidding available. Please pre-register and log onto Elite Livestock Auctions to bid from your tablet, phone or computer.


Ph: 1300 15 31 35.

Fertility Guarantee

Every animal is guaranteed to be fertile at the time of the sale, Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations are provided on every bull including crush side semen tests. Every female has had an internal examination of reproductive organs. Should an animal prove infertile within six months of purchase, provided it is not caused by injury or disease contracted post sale we will provide a credit (of the purchase price minus salvage value) towards a future purchase. The Buyer must lodge any complaint with a veterinary certificate within 6 months of the sale direct to the Seller.

Pregnancy Scanning

All joined females were pregnancy scanned 29th January. Due to the vagaries of pregnancy aging if, upon DNA test, the calf is shown not to be of the parentage described, please contact us, and we will provide details to ascertain the correct parentage.


Every endeavour has been made regarding the accuracy of the joining sires in this sale. In the case of an error in the parentage described, provided we can ascertain the true sire, Wattle Grove does not assume any responsibility for the error. In the unlikely event that a calf cannot be verified to any parentage Wattle Grove will refund 1/3 of the purchase price of the Lot in question.


As part of your purchase of a Wattle Grove ready to join heifer you receive two semen straws of your choice from the WG Semen Sire catalogue. Semen needs to be selected and transferred within two months of the sale. A semen catalogue will be provided to successful buyers.

Raw Data

Scan data and current weights were completed 13 January and were submitted to Breedplan for analysis in the February Group run. Scrotal measurements were taken 29 January.

Genetic Lots

Purchaser is responsible for shipping and handling. Please provide two weeks’ notice for delivery of genetic material.

Breedplan and EBVs

We supply BW, 200, 400, 600-day weights, and scan data to Breedplan for analysis on all our registered animals. February’s Group BreedplanEBV’s and a 2018 percentile table have been included in the catalogue for your reference. EBV’s are a tool for purchasers to use in making decisions on what animal to purchase. And whilst we believe in performance data we also trust in the accuracy of our knowledge of the cattle and their pedigrees. We are happy to discuss the genetic history of all our animals to assist you in making a decision on the best purchase for your program.

Genetic Testing Key

SNP # SNP Case number from Neogen
MSTN NC-Non Carrier of the myostatin gene nt821
C-Carries one copy of the myostatin gene nt821
COAT ED/ED-Homozygous black
ED/e-Dominant black/recessive red
LEPTIN CC                         CT                         TT

A Leptin TT genotype animal has an increased rate of fat accumulation as compared to a Leptin CC animal.

TEMPERAMENT 1-Very quiet
3-Quiet-slightly shy
4-Very shy
5-Very shy/possibly aggressive

Buyers gift and USB

After the sale successful purchasers will receive a 2020 commemorative glass and a USB memory stick that contains the following:

  • Vet certificate
  • Registration Certificate
  • Signed transfer form
  • Photo and/or video of your purchase

Please remember to pick up your goodies from the Agent’s desk. For Online bidders your buyers pack will be posted to you as soon as possible


Cattle not picked up from Toowoomba Showgrounds by 11am Sunday 23rd February will be returned to 123 Warfields Rd, Allora. Please leave exact pick up/delivery instructions with the Agents after the sale.

We recommend the services of the following:

Stephen Hayward: 0419 642 992

Falls Livestock Transport: 0429 826 342

When you get your Speckle Park home

Speckle Park cattle have a very strong herd instinct. For some of these animals it will be the first time they have been separated from their mates and that can
cause stress and unusual behaviour. We recommend having appropriate cattle in the yards to welcome your purchased cattle home.

Speckle Park International Inc

Wattle Grove Speckle Park is a proud member of SPI and all our sale animals are DNA tested, parent verified and registered. Signed transfer forms will be provided after the sale. Visit: www.specklepark.org for more information on the breed and the society.

Health and Safety

Every care has been taken to ensure your comfort and safety whilst attending our sale. Please take care and be aware when moving through the animals. Whilst we take every precaution to minimise hazards, cattle can be unpredictable and have a mind of their own. Children are not permitted in the pens.

Co-operator Herds

Thank you to our friends and co-operator herds:

  • Kamarah Speckle Park, WA
  • Crocodile Creek Speckle Park, NSW
  • Codiak Acres Speckle Park, Alberta Canada

Thank you

Thank you for joining us in Toowoomba in February to experience a truly different cattle sale. We love to have a good time selling cattle that are a great fit for your program.

We certainly couldn’t do what we do without the help and expertise of so many friends:

  • Stephen Hayward and Kelly Smith
  • The Hayward Crew
  • Gary and Nancy Kiziak and Family
  • Layne Pickett
  • Brendon Scheiwe and the team at Rosewood Veterinary Service
  • Allison McCabe (Photography and Videography)
  • Travis Luscombe
  • Tim and Lauren Eastwell
  • Belinda Dockrill
  • Michael Glasser (GTSM)
  • Rhonda and the CCP team
  • Lincoln McKinlay (Elders)
  • Chris Norris (Elite Livestock Auctions)
  • Chris Partington and family
  • Errol and Annette Howard and family
  • Our kids, Claudia, Hugo, Max and Henry.

Thank you all so much for your help, support, expertise and friendship. “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Sale Catalogue Disclaimer

All reasonable care has been taken by the vendor to ensure that the information provided in this catalogue is correct at the time of publication. However, neither the vendor nor the selling agents make any other representations about the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any information provided in this catalogue and do not assume any responsibility for the use or interpretation of the information included in this catalogue. You are encouraged to seek independent verifications of any information contained in this catalogue before relying on such information.


Wattle Grove Speckle Park