The Speckle Park cattle breed

What are Speckle Park Cattle?

The Speckle Park Cattle breed originated in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada. It was developed as a moderately framed beef breed, with quality carcass attributes, and a distinct colour pattern.

Speckle Park are an asset to any cattle breeder. This is because they mature early, are highly fertile and have strong commercial profitability. And, they have impressive adaptability to all climates and conditions. As well, the breed offers yields consistently above industry averages. And, with the ability to marble off grass and grain and exceptional conversion rates, they achieve higher profits and faster return on investment compared to other cattle breeds.

Speckle Park was recognised as a registered Pure Breed in Canada in 2006. Since then, Speckle Park Cattle have become a sought after commodity in the Australian beef market. Wattle Grove Speckle Park is committed to the Speckle Park breed, and its sustainable growth in the long term.

Read more about the Speckle Park cattle breed on the Speckle Park International Inc. website.

Desirable traits of Speckle Park cattle

Speckle Park Cattle have several advantageous traits for the calf operator, the feed lot operator, the butcher and the consumer.

  • Consistent high quality carcass

  • High marbling and tenderness along with phenomenal yield

  • High fertility and easy puberty

  • Easy calving

  • Vigorous calves

  • Maternal nature and excellent teat structure

  • Polled

  • Hardy and healthy

  • Hybrid vigour – British breed

  • Feed efficiency

  • Marbles on grass

Speckle Park Colour Guide

Speckle Park cattle have four distinct colour patterns. These are: white with black points; leopard; speckle; and black. However, they are a carcass orientated animal. This means their traits and quality are not colour dependent. Regardless of colouring, all Wattle Grove Speckle Park animals show consistency of carcass traits.

Wattle Grove Speckle Park cattle are Parent verified. They are DNA tested for coat colour, poll, Myostatin (NT821).
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Information provided is a guide only. And, results may vary depending on individual animals and genetics.


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