Bull power from here to Canada

In an address before the Indiana cattle breeders’ association in 1876, Mr. Charles Lowder* gave the following as characteristics of value in a breeding bull: Bulls are valuable only as they are capable of producing uniform good stock. The skillful breeder, before selecting his bull, should determine what he wants, and should be able to give an intelligent reason why he wants him; and, after having made his purchase, should know how to use him.

Below is a selection of our home-grown sires and the foundation sires of the Speckle Park breed. Australian sires semen available all year round. Canadian sires semen available at our annual sales.

Length, consistency, doability, structure, genetic makeup, performance, temperament, early maturing, late maturing, commercially focused, stud herd sire, commercial herd sire, heifer bull, crossbreds, Bos Indicus, Bos Taurus, saleyards, feedlots, whatever your market, whatever your program a Wattle Grove Speckle Park bull can tick the boxes.

*Mr Charles Lowder, Address to the Indiana Cattle Breeders’ Association Pacific Rural Press, Volume 12, Number 25, 16 December 1876