Looking out our office window to the dry, parched earth and smoke haze from the terrible bushfires raging through NSW I am finding it a real challenge to feel upbeat about the festive season.

In an attempt to find some Christmas cheer I pop on the WG Christmas Crackers Spotify playlist and a smile creeps up on me.

Despite the dry, the fires, the financial strains of feeding cattle, the concerns about water security, the relentless feeding program it is possible to smile. To see the joy in the little things and be grateful for what blessings there are. The blessing of healthy, happy kids. The blessing of having an amazing partner to share the wins and losses with. The joy of belting out an awesome Christmas song. The simple beauty of even the driest landscape.

I am very aware of how blessed I am and also that there are many that are facing challenges and struggles far greater than mine. You Got This  Mate is a website set up by the ramph (Rural Mental Health Adversity Program) with tips and info to help rural men reach their best possible mental health. Check it out if it feels right for you.

Christmas at Wattle Grove will be a quiet affair with one of our team members still in Canada on exchange. He has promised to bring some moisture home with him in February. For the rest of us we will be enjoying some family time and a few weeks out of the office.

Dale and I will be on a break from clerical, phone, email and social media duties from 5pm, Friday 20th December returning 10am, Monday 6th January.

We then hit the ground running with our Twilight Sale coming up 22nd February 2020 at Toowoomba Showgrounds. Catalogues available late January.

We also have an extensive catalogue of embryos and semen from Canadian and Australian donors and sires. Give us a call in the New year to get a selection list.
*Embryos and semen qualified for USA/NZ/Australia

We are looking forward to 2020 being a year of the perfect amount of rain, positive gains in the beef industry as a whole and continued growth of the Speckle Park breed.

Thank you all for your support of Wattle Grove this year. We wish you a relaxing and joyful Christmas with shit loads of rain for those who need it.

Bin, Dale and kids.


Wattle Grove Speckle Park