How are you? We have been enjoying days of glorious sunshine, a rare treat in an Oberon winter.
As with everyone we talk to life is busy and the year is flying past at a rapid rate.

This month we are bringing in our weaner heifers from their various lease blocks and sorting them before they make the trip north. As part of this process we have decided to offer selected heifers in an on farm private treaty sale. The heifers will be straight out of the paddock and available for inspection and purchase over three days this week- Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th from 10am to 3pm. With prices starting from $4000 ex GST they represent a unique opportunity to access the best of our genetics at an early age and benefit from the entirety of their reproductive years. There are more details below.

Also on the agenda for July is finalising the plans for a trip to central Queensland in late August/early September. We look forward to visiting existing clients and bringing back valuable insights on how we can better support our Queensland buyers and breeders. As part of the trip we will be hosting catch-ups at Clermont on the 30th August and Rockhampton on the 2nd September. Details and RSVP below.

Finally a quick note on our monthly subscriber special-We have selected embryos available for sale at a subscriber only special of $850/embryo plus GST excludes shipping and handling. This is close to half price for these embryos and the offer is available till the 11th August. Details of the joinings can be found by clicking the link below.

That’s it from me but keep scrolling and please give Dale-0429360419 or myself-0421524856 a call if you have any questions regarding the weaner heifer sale, our trip to QLD or the subscriber embryo special.