OPENS 8.00pm Thursday 30th May, CLOSES 4.00pm Sunday 2nd June

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to purchase exclusive genetics and live lots during our online speckle park genetics sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the embryos stored?
A: The embryos are currently stored at Holbrook Breeders, Holbrook NSW and Alta Genetics, Canada. Semen is stored at Holbrook Breeders.

Q: If I purchase the embryos stored in Canada, how much will it cost to import them into Australia?
A: Wattle Grove Speckle Park will cover all costs to import the embryos to Holbrook Breeders. The embryos will be imported in mid-late June. The purchaser is responsible for delivery costs from Holbrook Breeders to your closest AI Centre or Vet.

Q: I am keen to purchase embryos and semen but do not need them until later on?
A: Wattle Grove will pay storage fees at Holbrook Breeders for all genetic material purchased in the sale until delivery is required. Storage insurance is not included.

Q: What guarantees do you have on the embryos?
We guarantee one pregnancy per lot of three embryos when using a licensed technician. If no pregnancies are achieved one embryo of similar genetics will be offered as replacement. Delivery cost and implant costs are not included and are not refundable.

Q: When does the Auction open and close?
The Live Lots and Embryo Auction opens at 8am on Thursday 30th May and closes at 4pm Sunday 2nd June. The Semen auction starts at the same time on Thursday 30th May and closes at 4.30pm Sunday 2nd June.

Q: How do I bid Online?
The Auction is hosted by Elite Livestock Auctions. Click on the link to register to bid Elite Livestock Auctions. If you are already registered with Elite Livestock Auctions please remember to “Request to Bid” on our auctions.
Once the auction opens you can put in a maximum bid and you will be notified when you have been outbid or are the successful purchaser. You can also bid as required. All lots will remain open until there are no further bids on all lots.

Q: Am I bidding per lot OR per embryo and semen straw?
Bids for embryo and semen lots will be per embryo or per straw. There are 3 embryos per lot and 5 semen straws per lot.

Q. How do I pay for the lots I purchase?
An invoice will be emailed to you after the sale. You will have 7 days to pay the invoice.

Q: How do I organise delivery for the lots I purchase?
A: Please contact Dale on 0429 360 419 for delivery of live lots and email instructions to Bin on for delivery of semen and embryos.

Q: What about transit insurance on embryos and semen?
A: Wattle Grove will insure the embryos being imported from Canada to Holbrook Breeders. Transit insurance from Holbrook Breeders to your nearest AI or Vet Centre is available through Holbrook Breeders. Call 02 6036 3149 for a quote.

Q: Have the live lots been vet checked?
Yes, Lot 1-WGS N314 has been vet checked and passed crush side semen tests. Lot 2-WGS N107 has been vet checked. Vet certificates will be supplied to the purchaser  for insurance purposes.

Q: Is Lot 2 pregnant?
Lot 2 WGS N107 is sold unjoined. As part of the purchase Wattle Grove includes 2 semen straws of your choice of Australian Wattle Grove AI Sires.

Q: Is there a supplementary sheet?
A: The supplementary sheet can be found here. It has been updated with some extra and amended genetic testing results since our last email.

Q: Which embryo package would you buy?
A: Grab a cuppa or a beer and watch the video below to get Dale’s thoughts on the lots available and his picks.


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